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  • Licensed & Insured - LIC# 1044037

Experienced Painters

The Painting Company San Diego is a team that you can trust! We have decades of residential and commercial painting experience!!

Quality Workmanship

Our teams are highly qualified and trained. We have team leaders on each project who are responsible for ensuring that each project is completed to perfection!!

Core Values

The Painting Company's core values are Deliver What you Promise, Respect the Individual and Take Pride in what you do. These core values have stood the test of time and have been an integral part of our long-term success. Quality, Value, and pace of work continue to remain important to us as we paint your home and office.


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Years Combined Experience


Thanks a lot for the painting service you offered. I am really impressed, my house is looking amazing now!

- Mai - Lea

The Painting Company San Diego team is trustworthy and is great at what they do!

- Joel Mercado

I couldn't be more satisfied with the quality of the work I received from The Painting Company. My office building is looking great now!

- Lucas Moro


You have many choices of companies offering painting services, so why should you choose us over the rest?
First and foremost, it is our commitment to quality and workmanship. We are a professional painting company, not a home improvement company which offers painting as one of their many services. Our professional painters are experts in their field and adhere to our mission to provide only the highest level of quality and service for every project we undertake.


Each job we complete is done by our crews of expert craftsmen which we hire and train ourselves to ensure the best results for our customers. At our company, we are never satisfied with anything less than the best.


Exterior Painting Process

Painting the exterior of a house or commercial property involves many factors and it should be best left to our professional painting company to conduct with expertise. There are a lot of aspects involved with each paint job, and only a trained painter is able to perform the process correctly.

Interior Painting Process

Painting is one of those household tasks that many people think they can undertake, it looks so easy, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, many homeowners find themselves in over their heads halfway through a project. If you are going to choose to paint your own house we recommend you follow our advice.